Discount Program 7000x

The Discount Program 7000x provides substantial discounts on most dental procedures (Look below to see how much you can save in a year on some of the most common dental procedures!). Simply choose a general dentist from our Discount dental network. Your general dentist will provide almost all services and charge you according to a discounted fee schedule. If specialty care is required, your general dentist will refer you to a participating specialist who will provide care at a 25% discount.

You will pay only the discounted member fees directly to your dentist at the time of service. There are no claim forms, waiting periods, maximum limits, preauthorization requirements or deductibles. Over 250 procedures are included. The complete 
list of covered procedures and member fees will be mailed to you with your membership card.

Discount Program Services Include:

  • No charge for routine annual cleanings (additional cleaning is covered for expecting mothers and diabetics)
  • No charge for oral examinations
  • No charge for topical fluoride for children
  • Discount on all implant services

These "no-charge" procedures account for over 35% of dental services most frequently performed for adults and 60% of the most frequently performed services for children.1

You will receive more extensive care (fillings, dentures, crowns, root canals, periodontal care, oral surgery, implant services, etc.) at fees up to 55% lower than usual and customary charges (please see the 
Compare Plans chart).

Orthodontia is also covered for adults and children!

Savings Illustration
See exactly how much you can save in a year on the most commonly performed dental procedures.*  The example below is based on an individual subscriber and includes how much you would pay in office visits, annual premiums and copayments. 

Avg Cost*
You Pay
You Save
Oral Exam
Full Mouth X-rays $130$66$64
Teeth Cleaning (1/year)$90$0$90
Silver Filling (Two Surfaces) $151$90$61
Composite Filling (Two Surfaces)$190$101$89
Crown (Porcelain Fused to Metal)$1,210$677$533
Total Spent in Annual Premiums-$90-
Total Spent in Office Visit Copays ($15/visit for 3 visits)**-$45-

Additional Savings on Major Procedures 

Avg Cost*
You Pay
You Save
Root Canal (Molar) $897$606$291
Surgical Extraction - Erupted Tooth$260$85$175
Denture (Complete Upper/Lower)$1,493$895$598
Periodontal Scaling/Root Planing$247$138$109
1 Based on annual review of utilization data by Dominion Dental Services.
*Average costs based on the Captiva Context Fee Schedule's 80th percentile for zip codes beginning with 235. Average costs vary based on region.
**Assumes oral exam, x-rays, cleaning and filling occur in the same visit and crown requires two visits.

Dominion Dental Services, Inc. is licensed as a Dental Plan Organization in Virginia, Maryland and Delaware, a Risk Assuming PPO in Pennsylvania and an Accident and Health Insurer in D.C. The Discount Program is a reduced fee-for-service program designed specifically for individuals. It is not an insurance product, it is not regulated by the State Insurance Department, and is not covered under any state's guarantee fund or corporation.The Discount Program provides discounted fees for children; however it does not include an Exchange-certified pediatric plan.